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    Foundation to Wall Crack Repair in Fort Worth

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    Are you concerned about that colossal crack in the floor or wall and wondering if it makes the foundation unstable? Then get your free foundation inspection report from Foundation Repair Pros of Fort Worth.


    Horizontal Cracks are severe problems when you notice these cracks forming and related to soil pressure. It can happen when the ground outside becomes saturated and exerts pressure on the exterior wall. As a result, the walls start to buckle or bow and can cave in.

    Vertical Cracks result from the soil settling creating more pressure on the walls, and eventually, they crack. The cracks can allow water to penetrate through and need fast repairing before it floods the basement.

    Another notable crack is the one that forms a stair step crack and happens when the foundation wall blocks crack with the soil pressure or settlement.


    Cracks on foundation walls can happen for many reasons. One is when the concrete or mortar shrinks or is too narrow, but it does not change in size and does not diminish the foundation's stability.

    It can also happen when the soil settles underneath your foundation, and vertical compression against the wall creates those vertical cracks you see. Lastly, the soil pressure outside consists of clay soil. It can expand with water pushing up against the foundation wall.  It forms a horizontal crack that needs immediate attention.

    The wonderful news is that cracks in the foundation wall are easily fixed and affordable.

    All foundation cracks need immediate attention except shrinkage cracks, so have an inspection done today if you are unsure what cracks are on the floors and walls. Contact Foundation Repair Pros of Fort Worth today.


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